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TrailLumi™ - 2-in-1 Lamp

“We loved the first one so much we bought them both a home and car. And living in Florida, this will get us through a lot of storms.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Marcia Zammit
Verified Buyer

Spending time outside during the summer months can be a challenge due to the high temperatures and intense heat waves. This makes any outdoor activity, whether camping, hiking, or simply lounging in the backyard, lead to feeling like being overheated, making it less enjoyable. Starting the trip fresh and happy, and leaving clammy, overheated, and just full of discomfort just isn’t worth the time. 

Introducing TrailLumi™, a portable, rechargeable outdoor gear that transforms a lamp into a cool fan, perfect for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. With its powerful motor and long-lasting battery, the device generates a refreshing source of fresh air that can help campers stay comfortable even on the hottest of days. Place it on the ground, around a tree branch, or hold it as it is, the dual-use fan gear just goes with the flow. 


Everyday Survival Gear: TrailLumi™ combines both an electric fan and lamp into one device, making it an essential gear for outdoor enthusiasts. Finally, experience convenience while outdoors.

Eco-Friendly Efficiency: With solar-powered technology, TrailLumi™ is the ideal eco-friendly choice for a reliable emergency kit. It can also save campers stress, fear, and worry on every excursion.

Versatile Positioning: TrailLumi™ is designed to be positioned in a variety of ways, allowing the user to hang it on a pole, let it stand alone, or hold it while walking. Sleep, dine, and do everything in between with ease. 

Excursion Ready: Compact and lightweight, save on precious storage space wherever, whenever. TrailLumi™ transforms the experience of packing and moving into a trouble-free step in every trip.

✅ Back-Up Power Supply: Charge the device through a socket or power it up with a dry cell with the fail-safe charging design. Whether off the grid or just in the backyard, TrailLumi™ provides light 24/7.

Safety First Design: Featuring overcharge and over-discharge built-in protection, TrailLumi ensures that the device remains safe to use at all times. Protect oneself and the device with the upgraded features. 

We understand that power outages can be a real inconvenience, especially when they occur unexpectedly, leaving anyone panicking. Without power, daily routines can be disrupted, and it can be challenging to go about any essential day-to-day tasks especially when the outage lasts at night. Studies show that power outages on average are around two hours, up to days or even weeks depending on the damage to the power line or equipment. 

Thankfully TrailLumi™ is an ingenious reliable source of light, perfect for emergencies including extended power outages. With its fail-safe triple backup power supply, keep the device ready by charging it through a power socket, putting a dry cell, or leaving it under the sun for solar power conversion. Illuminate the space 24/7 without any worry with its overcharge and over-discharge protection system, safe and reliable rolled into one. 

Product Specifications

Length: 6.89
Width: 3.94 in

Lamp with Fan
Length: 8.27 in
Width: 3.94 in

Package Contents

(1) TrailLumi™ 2-in-1 Lamp
(1) Charging Cable

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