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LaserLink™ - Digital Distance Measuring Tool and Converter

“I am a 42 married man, anything over $100 dollars and up. I have to think twice before ordering it whereas I never looked at the price while I was single. This unit price is a compromise price, not too high and not too low for the worth of the unit."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Louis H. Robertson
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Measuring for DIY or home renovation projects can be a struggle, especially without the right tools. Traditional measurement tools like rulers and tape measures can be unreliable, and it can be difficult to get precise measurements, particularly in low light conditions. Manual calculations and conversion charts can even be more time-consuming and prone to error, leading to costly mistakes and delays. 

Introducing LaserLink™, the tool that will revolutionize creative projects and undertakings. With its convenient measurement conversion and built-in recording and tracking, this nifty tool takes the guesswork out of DIY projects, making it easier than ever to achieve precise and consistent results. Made better than ever with its low light readiness and pocketable design to ensure that big ideas come as effortlessly.


Data Recorder and Tracker: LaserLink™ is designed for reliability and quick handiwork with its built-in recording and tracking. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to automated, hassle-free data management.

Convenient Measurement Conversion: Made for always-ready conversion, switch between one unit of measurement to another depending on the task at hand. Finally, LaserLink™ forgoes manual calculations or conversion charts

Pocketable Design: Weighing in at just a few grams, LaserLink™ is compact and pocketable, making it the perfect tool for an on-the-go DIY project tool. It's small enough to fit in any pocket but powerful enough to handle any task.

✅ Low Light Ready: Compared to rulers, yardsticks, or tape measures, this laser-generating tool enables measurement even in the dark. LaserLink™ utilizes an energy-efficient red laser for visibility and precision.

Instant Accuracy: Receive measurement quickly with LaserLink™, from the meter distance to check if the site is leveled. At just a touch of a button, simply point the area to be measured, and the digital distance converter tool does it all in a flash. 

We understand that while digital measuring tools offer many advantages over traditional measuring methods, they can also pose some challenges. Using this type of measuring tool also requires a certain level of skill and familiarity with the device, which can take time to develop, making it not ideal for DIY enthusiasts. A recent study shows that Laser distance measures are as accurate as tape measures and are faster to use.

Thankfully LaserLink™ provides a digital distance measuring tool that’s beginner-friendly, accurate, and reliable, perfect for every homeowner with bigger, brighter, and better ideas that just need a little bit more push to get started. With advanced technology, finish one DIY project after another. Whether working on a construction site or a DIY project at home, breathe a sigh of relief with this laser distance tool, finally, harmonize speed and precision


Product Specifications

Dimension: 4.25 in x 1.26 in x 0.56 in

Package Contents

(1) LaserLink™ Digital Distance Measuring Tool and Converter
(1) Charging Cable
(1) Canvas Bag
(1) User Manual

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