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TrailBLZ™ Flameless Lighter

“I purchased this item to carry in my camping kit/backpack. And it's been a great addition. It provides the instant spark for flame, never runs out while it's charged, instant flashlight, and is waterproof! This is just a very cool gadget! Everyone in that camp should have this item or at least a similar item.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Lionel
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Finding a reliable fire starter that can withstand various weather conditions and environments can be a major concern for many individuals. It can cause stress and inconvenience, especially for those who frequently engage in outdoor activities or have emergency situations where a reliable source of fire is essential. The problem is that not everyone knows how to use a manual lighter or a matchstick.

Introducing TrailBLZ™, the ultimate survival gear with a hardshell seal cap and waterproof coating capable of withstanding the elements and any inclement weather. Featuring a built-in plasma technology, this lighter generates a flameless arc using consistent and tougher-than-tough fire, helping ignite wood chips and other flammable materials to have a constant source of heat while outdoors. Bring light and warmth anywhere, anytime.



Safe Flame Starter: With Plasma technology, TrailBLZ™ waterproof and windproof lighter creates can light up anything, anywhere, regardless of the weather conditions. The flameless arc created reduces fuel discharge and capitalizes on efficiency.

Keeps the Flame Running: TrailBLZ™ is built to withstand any type of weather, with a seal-proof cap and hardshell protection. Whether caught in a sudden rainstorm or in the middle of a sunny day or snowstorm, this lighter will always be ready to light up the way.


Survival Mode: TrailBLZ™ is not just a lighter, but a survival tool. When the seal cap is closed, just tap the lighter to let the light come through in pitch-black areas. Easily adjust the illumination mode and brightness level to suit the need.

✅ Quick Recharging: This plasma lighter can be fully charged in less than 2 hours, and can ignite up to 150 times in one charge. Reduce the constant worry of replacing batteries or charging cables.


We understand that one of the biggest concerns for outdoor enthusiasts is the potential for accidental fuel discharge from lighters stored in a backpack. This can cause not only inconvenience and fire hazards, which can be detrimental to the safety of the user and their surroundings. Studies showthat accidental fuel discharge from lighters is a major concern and can lead to serious injuries, such as burns, as well as property damage.

Thankfully TrailBLZ™ provides a safer and more convenient alternative to traditional lighters by completely eliminating the fuel and butane-dependent mechanism and upgrading it into an ionized gas fire starter. This safety-first design feature reduces the significant risk of hard-to-contain fire during outdoor excursions, keeping the family safe and happy. The same positive result just made it even better.   

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 3 in x 2 in x 1 in

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(1) TrailBLZ™ Flameless Lighter

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