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Asana Flex™ Postural Awareness and Strengthening Equipment


“I was so happy with it. It's actually beautiful and screws together with substantial hardware and is absolutely what I needed. I have found multiple ways to stretch and breathe with it. “

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Josh
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People regardless of age, struggle with low self-esteem due to poor body language habits that they have developed over time. Slouching, hunching, and other bad posture habits can make anyone feel insecure, small, and at times, undeserving of attention. This struggle can be especially difficult to overcome since it can become a natural way of being, making it hard to break out of the cycle of negative body language. 

Introducing the Asana Flex™, an at-home fitness, physique, and musculoskeletal health solution rolled into one lightweight and portable tool, helping even the busy bees to consistently work on their wellness. Designed with different fitness levels in mind, this postural awareness equipment is compatible with low-impact exercises to also strengthen the muscle and improve breathing through yoga stick workouts. Finally,  walk with confidence. 



Improved Mental, Physiological, and Physical Wellness: With Asana Flex™, maintaining good posture becomes effortless, leading to improved overall health and wellness. By using this innovative tool, users can carry themselves with confidence and ease.

Designed for Comfort: Featuring thick foam padding, Asana Flex™ is gentle on the skin and provides a comfortable exercise experience. It encourages users to practice good posture at least once a day, leading to better posture habits over time.

Low Impact-Friendly Design: Asana Flex™ is adjustable and easy to use, allowing users of all ages and heights to pull muscles and spine back to their natural alignment. The tool provides quick and effective relief from muscle pain and discomfort.

Convenient for Travel and Storage: The foldable design of Asana Flex™ makes it easy to store, even in limited space, and travel with for consistent postural awareness training. With this fitness equipment, users can maintain good posture no matter where they are.

We understand that chronic bad posture is a common problem that affects people of all ages and can have serious health implications. Poor posture from daily lifestyle can cause muscle tension and pain, as well as negatively impact breathing and digestion. A recent study shows that the average American adult spends more than three and a half hours looking down at their smartphones which can cause chronic bad posture

Thankfully Asana Flex™ is designed with a comfort-forward approach, using thickened foam padding that won't irritate the skin. This easy-to-use health and fitness tool is also adjustable, allowing users of any height and age to pull their muscles and spine back to their original alignment. By investing in this nifty chiropractor-grade tool, individuals can take control of their posture and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 22.5 in x 4 in x 2.75 in


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(1) Asana Flex™ Postural Awareness and Strengthening Equipment


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