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BabyLift™ - Baby Carrier

“It is a simple design and works as advertised! Really happy with it. I carry it in the diaper bag when we go out!”


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Carrying the little one around could be a cumbersome and painful experience, which new and old parents would have to endure especially in the first few months of the child. Sore muscles and discomfort from uneven weight distribution from bulky traditional carriers can eventually lead to a more permanent injury. The problem is that a lightweight carrier may not provide ample safety designs for the tot.

Introducing BabyLift™, the innovative baby carrier that offers a lightweight and compact baby sling, guaranteeing maximum safety and comfort for both the baby and the parent. With the padded shoulder straps and sling and reinforced adjustable buckle, carrying the little one has never been easier or more comfortable. Parenthood can finally be enjoyable and effortless even with a newborn baby in tow on every trip. 



Effort Saving: With the BabyLift™ baby sling carrier, easily carry the baby with ease and comfort. The padded shoulder straps and sling provide maximum support and ensure that you don't experience any discomfort or pain.

Safety First Design: This carrier is designed to ensure that the tot is always safe and secure while being carried. The ergonomic design distributes the weight evenly across the body, BabyLift™ minimizes the risk of muscle strain or injury.

3-in-1 Positioning: BabyLift™ offers three different carrying positions to suit the need: front cradle, side position, and M-position. This 3-in-1 positioning allows any parent to carry the little one in the most comfortable position for everyone. 

Travel Friendly: The compact and lightweight design makes BabyLift™ the perfect travel companion. Whether going on a short trip or a long journey, the baby carrier is easy to pack and carry, ensuring that the entire family can enjoy the trip together.

We understand that baby-wearing, especially for new parents, means carrying the little one in whichever is the most comfortable position, including carrying them on one side of the hip. The problem is that this position is bad for the musculoskeletal health of both parents and children. A recent study shows that the M-position or the inward-facing carrying position is optimal for the hip development of newborns. 

Thankfully BabyLift™ the ultimate baby carrier designed with little one's hip health and the parent’s comfort level in mind.  With its ergonomic hip-carrying design, the carrier can provide multiple carrying positions that suit that tots age and developmental phase for healthy growth and development. Simply choose from a front cradle, side position, and M-position, and foster a bond with the little one every time. 

Product Specifications

Suitable for babies aged 0-36 months old
Fits a circumference: 53.54 in to 63.39 in
Weight Capacity: 20kg


Package Contents

(1) BabyLift™ Baby Sling Carrier


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