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Bounce&Snooze™ - Automatic Baby Cradle

“Our baby just turned 6 months and is becoming very active and enjoys being held ALL THE TIME. We love this swing because it frees our hands while keeping our baby entertained. It allows a break to shower, cook dinner, and even watch a movie.”


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Making a baby fall asleep and relax can be a daunting task and one that many new parents struggle with. Babies often have their own unique sleep patterns and preferences, which can make it difficult to predict when they will want to sleep and for how long. Any sudden noise or a change in routine can throw the little one’s circadian rhythm off and begin the nightmare of calming down a wailing tot

Introducing Bounce&Snooze, the perfect baby cradle designed to provide a comfortable and sleep-inducing environment for the little one. With its five cradle and gear adjustments, easily customize it to fit a baby's needs and replicate the soothing sensation of a cradling motion. Simply place the tot on the cradle and let the device automatically rock them steadily into the dream world, with no fuss. 



Replicates a Soothing Cradle: Bounce&Snooze is designed to provide a comfortable and sleep-inducing environment for the baby. Made even better with the five cradle and gear adjustments.

✅ Suits the Tots Energy Level: The three angle settings of this baby cradle allow parents to adjust it according to the tot’s need. Whether they want to sleep or engage with the world around them, Bounce&Snooze can accommodate their needs.

Safety First Design: The adjustable buckles and washable cushion of this product ensure that the baby is safe and happy at all times. Bounce&Snooze puts safety first, giving every parent new and old peace of mind. 

Lullaby Wherever, Whenever: With Bounce&Snooze, every child is lulled to sleep without having to throw a range of tantrums or meltdowns, reducing the overall stress of moms and dads. Simply play their favorite music or white noise and choose the cradle set.


We understand that sleep deprivation is an all-too-common reality for parents with a newborn. The first few months of parenthood can be incredibly challenging as newborns require frequent feedings, diaper changes, and attention around the clock, leaving parents feeling exhausted, irritable, and unable to focus. A recent study shows that on average, each new parent loses a staggering 109 minutes of sleep every night for the first year after having a baby. 

Thankfully Bounce&Snooze provides both parent and newborn a full night’s rest, so every home can wake up happy and create more memorable moments together. Made with a built-in Bluetooth-compatible speaker, choose the baby's favorite lullabies or white noise to help them drift off to sleep, and pair the relaxing audio with the gentle motion of the cradle. Parenthood can finally be as effortless as possible. 


Product Specifications

Dimension: 26.77 in x 24.80 in x 24.92 in
Suitable to 0-12-month-olds


Package Contents

(1) Bounce&Snooze™ Automatic Baby Cradle


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