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PrismSol™ - Outdoor Solar Light

“Love the indirect lighting, so that we’re not staring at the lit bulbs all the time, but rather the downward light which is cast by these units. Excellent find!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - James Flavell
Verified Buyer

As a homeowner, upgrading the exterior of the home can be an overall frustrating and expensive process. For some people, adding a new structure or annex, or altering the entire architecture from the ground up seems to be a safe bet, but it can rack up an insane renovation and contractor’s bill. Indeed, it is challenging to find a solution that offers a combination of functionality and elegance without going off budget.  

Introducing PrismSol™, a cost-effective and practical solution to elevating any home to the next level by combining simple elegance with well-trusted durability. This outdoor solar-powered wall light provides functional lighting that illuminates the space, elongates the exterior walling, and highlights the overall home structure, perfect for adding a cleaner and more luxurious feel to the dwelling. Rain or shine, this weather-resistant lighting shines brighter than ever.



Night Time Protection: PrismSol™ automatically turns on at night and works round the clock to provide reliable lighting all night long. With its automatic on/off feature, every home can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they’re illuminated during these odd hours. 

No Dead Angle: The multi-angle illumination design allows every corner to be illuminated, providing a comprehensive lighting solution for any outdoor space. With its no-dead angle feature, PrismSol™ reduces possible dark and sketchy corners of the homefront and property.

✅ Outdoor Condition Resistant: Made to withstand the elements, rain or shine, PrismSol™ is both waterproof and heat-resistant. From the moment the lights are installed to the time the homeowner renovates the home, it’s as durable as ever.

Elevates Any Home: With the option to choose vertical or horizontal stay-on lighting, the outdoor solar light can help elongate the home exterior and transform the overall architecture. PrismSol™ has professional-grade lighting that provides a stylish and functional solution for any outdoor space.

We understand that nighttime break-ins can be a major concern for homeowners, causing a sense of unease and vulnerability. Although most burglaries occur during the day, nighttime break-ins tend to be more dangerous, with a higher chance of violence. Studies show that to prevent break-ins keep the house well-lit, and the lawn maintained, and remove obstacles that block visibility from the street.

Thankfully PrismSol™ is complete with an automatic night-time on feature, ensuring that the home is protected 24/7. With its multi-angle illumination, every nook and corner of the property is well-lit, reducing any room for intruders to enter surreptitiously or to wait until every household is deep into slumber.  Finally, have the effortless comfort and security any homeowner could ask for. 

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 4.13 in x 3.94 x 6.01 in

Package Contents

(1) PrsimSol™ Outdoor Solar Light

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