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TrailPack™ - Large Capacity Outdoor Bag

“I know from experience how much these tough bags go for from tool bags to gun range bags. A good bag is usually closer to $100 or more. This bag checks a lot of boxes. It’s tough and I won’t be afraid to throw heavy items with confidence in.”

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A problem with outdoor bags that can't withstand the outdoors is that they can easily become damaged or unusable during outdoor activities, which can be frustrating and even dangerous for users. This can be particularly problematic for users who rely on their bags to carry important equipment, such as first aid kits or survival gear, which may become compromised in the event of a bag failure. Bag quality can make or break the outdoorsman.

Introducing TrailPack™, the versatile large-capacity bag that features a rugged outdoors-ready material, providing reliable protection for the gears inside. Suitable for a wide range of activities, the bag's compartments are made with padded dividers to secure even delicate items, and its two-way zipper, finally, ensures seamless use. This functional gear suits every personal style, too.  



Outdoor Excursion Ready: TrailPack™ is made to be the reliable outdoor excursion bag for camping, hiking, backpacking, or picnicking in the park. Wherever the next grand adventure would be, this bag is ready for the taking.

✅ Built-in Auxiliary Storage: The outdoor meal bag features built-in auxiliary compartments that are perfect for storing essentials, such as cooking utensils, spices, and other small items. The simple upgraded feature maximizes the space in the bag, keeping things accessible.


A Pocket for Everything: Designed to prepare for every possible cooking and mealtime situation, this bag comes with organizers that fit every survival gear from utensils to plates.  No more digging through your camping bag to find that one item needed.

Versatile Rugged Use: Made with durable materials and a rugged design, it can withstand the elements and keep the gear safe and secured. Whether the trip means exploring the wilderness or enjoying a family picnic, the bag effortlessly helps outdoorsmen pack.


We understand that packing for a trip that’s more than a day-long is stressful, especially since everything has to be organized and easily accessible. Carrying multiple bags for different purposes can also be a hassle for walking or hiking-riddled adventures. Studies show that on average there are at least nine essential cooking and food preparation essentials for outdoor trips and over twenty other optional items

Thankfully TrailPack™ provides a storage solution for all outdoor adventures, perfect for solo trips, group hangouts, and, or family fun affairs. By offering ample storage space, built-in auxiliary compartments, and designated pockets for various items, the bag helps keep gears organized, accessible, and easy to find, making camping and other outdoor activities more enjoyable and stress-free. Pack everything in the bag and bring the comfort of the home, anywhere. 

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 15.75 in x 9.01 in x 12.20 in

Package Contents

(1) TrailPack™ Large Capacity Outdoor Bag

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